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Quick guidelines for beginning with Search Engine Optimization

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Just having a website for a business is not enough, you need to research the keywords related to your that are frequently searched on Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etcand optimize your website accordingly in order to drive dedicated traffic to tour website and Flourish your business. This can be achieved by search engine optimization.
Today we will share some quick guidelines for beginning with Search Engine Optimization

1. Do keyword research. You do need to know what people are looking for on the web if
you want to be able to interact with them. Use tools to help you to accomplish this.
2. Use important keywords in the headline of any blog post, article or piece of web content. You also want to include these keywords in your page headings including in your
category organization.
3. Do create a sitemap. Sitemaps help with search engine ranking and they help you readers to find the information that they need. They are easy to create, too.
4. Do check your website for broken links. Not only will broken links hurt your website itself because your readers are unable to get around, but your search engines are unable to index your site if they cannot get through your links.
5. Invest the time in finding others to build a link building relationship with. You want to have quality websites pointing links back to your website so that you can benefit from the increased traffic and from the improved ranking benefits.
6. Do use keywords in your text but use them naturally, like the way you would talk. It is better to write well than to consider keyword density.
7. Choose a handful of keywords to include in your site and stick with them.
8. Do focus on long tail keywords as these get more targeted results.
9. Do market your website through commenting on blogs and visiting forums. You want
others to actually get to know you so they want to get to know your site.

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